High Pressure Washer 3KW 2900PSI 200 Bar SS Top Brand – Daewoo

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Bike Car Wash Machine
Daewoo High Pressure Car Washer 3KW
Pressure : 2900PSI/200 Bar
Speed : 1450rpm
Power : 3kw, 220V
Voltage : 220v, 50hz
Auto on off stop
1 Year Service Warranty from our Service Center, any damaged parts required to be paid for.

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Bike Car Wash Machine with a 3KW (kilowatt) motor and 2900PSI (pounds per square inch) or 200 bar rating is a powerful cleaning machine designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. This type of pressure washer is typically used for commercial and industrial applications, such as cleaning large machinery, construction equipment, and industrial surfaces. The high-pressure output of this machine allows it to remove tough dirt and grime from surfaces quickly and effectively. It’s also useful for removing paint, graffiti, and other stubborn stains from surfaces. The 3KW motor provides plenty of power to the pressure washer, making it capable of handling even the toughest cleaning jobs. The High Pressure Washer with a 3KW motor, 2900PSI (pounds per square inch) and 200 Bar rating is a robust and powerful cleaning machine that can handle tough industrial and commercial cleaning tasks with ease. Its high-pressure output is ideal for removing stubborn dirt, grime, and stains from large surfaces, such as machinery, construction equipment, and industrial buildings. Equipped with a 3KW motor, this high-pressure washer delivers an exceptional cleaning performance that is both efficient and effective. Its 2900 PSI rating and 200 Bar pressure rating ensures that it delivers an intense and focused stream of water that can easily blast away tough dirt and grime from surfaces. The High Pressure Washer is designed for durability and long-lasting use, making it an excellent investment for any commercial or industrial cleaning application. However, as with any high-pressure cleaning equipment, safety precautions must be taken to prevent accidents and damage to delicate surfaces. Overall, the High Pressure Washer with a 3KW motor, 2900PSI and 200 Bar rating is a top-of-the-line cleaning machine that offers superior cleaning performance and efficiency for heavy-duty industrial and commercial cleaning applications.

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