160 Degrees 24″ Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror

SKU: 11930

Tk. 8,500.00

Item Weight: 4.73 pounds
Product Dimensions : 18.9 x 19.69 x 4.13 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
Size: 24″ Diameter
Color: Orange
Material: Polycarbonate
Shape: Round
Installation Method: Wall or Mounted
Item Package Quantity: 1
Cutting Diameter: 24 Inches
Coverage: 60 ft
Usage ; Outdoor
Included Components: Adjustable Fixing Bracket
Batteries Included? : No
Batteries Required? : No
Assembled Diameter : 24 Inches

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convex mirror provides a field of vision of up to 160 degrees with a wide-angle view.
The only convex mirror with aluminum reinforced perimetric profile for extra strength and stability.
Convex mirrors let drivers see around a corner, especially at car parking and garages.
Surveillance system in shops and kiosks helps to improve security and offer great theft protection
It is used anywhere additional safety is required providing a wider field view than a normal mirror.

Enhance Road Safety with the 160 Degrees 24" Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror – Your Ultimate Solution for Improved Traffic Visibility Introducing the 160 Degrees 24" Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror, a game-changing tool designed to revolutionize road safety by providing superior visibility for drivers and pedestrians alike. Crafted with precision engineering and advanced technology, this traffic mirror offers unparalleled wide-angle coverage, making it an indispensable asset for traffic management, parking lots, and anyone who values safer road environments. Precision visibility is at the core of the 160 Degrees 24" Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror. Designed with a wide convex curvature, this mirror delivers an extended field of view, allowing drivers to see around corners, blind spots, and other obstructed areas. Whether you're managing traffic flow, enhancing pedestrian safety, or preventing accidents, this traffic mirror ensures comprehensive visibility. Versatility takes center stage with the Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror's adaptability. Whether you're installing it in narrow streets, intersections, or parking areas, this mirror offers a versatile solution for improving road safety. Its expansive coverage helps drivers anticipate potential hazards and navigate complex traffic situations more effectively. Safety and prevention define the Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror's purpose. By offering an extended view of oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and obstacles, this mirror helps reduce the risk of collisions and enhances overall road safety. Its presence acts as a proactive measure to prevent accidents and promote responsible driving. User-friendly installation sets the Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror apart. Equipped with practical mounting options, this mirror is easy to install and adjust. Its robust construction ensures durability against weather conditions, providing long-lasting visibility enhancements. The Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror reflects a commitment to road safety and innovation, making it an indispensable tool for creating safer road environments. With its precision visibility, versatile application, safety benefits, and user-friendly attributes, it stands as a top-tier solution for achieving comprehensive traffic management. In summary, the 160 Degrees 24" Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror redefines road safety and visibility. Whether you're a traffic manager seeking to enhance traffic flow or a property owner prioritizing parking lot safety, this traffic mirror offers unmatched visibility improvements. Elevate road safety with the Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror and experience the transformative impact it brings to safer road environments.

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