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Aspirator Blower 600W Brand Total – TB2066

SKU: 12586

Original price was: Tk. 2,900.00.Current price is: Tk. 2,755.00.

Voltage: 220-240 V~ 50/60 Hz

Input power: 600 W

No-load speed: 0-16000 rpm

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Total Aspirator Blower TB2066

Voltage: 220-240 V~ 50/60 Hz

Input power: 600 W

No-load speed: 0-16000 rpm

Introducing the Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower, a versatile and efficient solution for all your cleaning and blowing needs. With its powerful 600W motor, this blower is designed to provide high-performance airflow to tackle various tasks.

The Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you need to clean your workshop, garden, or patio, this blower will help you get the job done quickly and effectively. It can easily blow away leaves, debris, dust, and other unwanted materials, leaving your space clean and tidy.

Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower is easy to maneuver and carry around. It is equipped with a comfortable handle that provides a secure grip, allowing you to work for extended periods without discomfort or fatigue.

This aspirator blower is designed for convenience and ease of use. It features a simple on/off switch that allows you to control the airflow with ease. The adjustable speed settings give you the flexibility to adjust the airflow intensity according to your specific cleaning requirements.

The Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower operates quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance during use. You can comfortably clean your surroundings without causing any unnecessary noise or disruptions.

Safety is a top priority with the Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower. It is designed with built-in safety features to prevent overheating and ensure reliable operation. The blower is also equipped with a durable housing that protects the motor from external impacts and extends its lifespan.

This aspirator blower is built to last, thanks to its robust construction and high-quality materials. It is designed to withstand regular use and is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

The Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower is backed by the trusted brand Total, known for its reliable and innovative power tools. You can trust in the quality and performance of this blower for all your cleaning and blowing needs.

Whether you're a homeowner, professional cleaner, or gardener, the Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower is a valuable addition to your toolkit. It simplifies your cleaning tasks and helps you maintain a clean and debris-free environment.

Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with the Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower and experience the power and convenience of a high-performance blower. With its 600W motor and user-friendly design, this blower is sure to exceed your expectations.

Invest in the Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower and enjoy the benefits of efficient and effortless cleaning. Take control of your cleaning tasks with this reliable and powerful blower from Total.

Order the Total TB2066 Aspirator Blower today and experience the difference it can make in your cleaning routine. Trust in Total's commitment to quality and innovation in power tools and accessories.

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