Electric Mitre Saw 1650W DCA AJX255

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Product Details:
Name: Electric Mitre Saw, Model: AJX255
Input Power: 1650 W
Speed: 4600 r/min
Blade Diameter: 255mm / 10″ inch
Net Weight: 12Kg
Made in China
Product carries 1-year Company Service Warranty, any damaged parts need to be replaced at cost.

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Blade Diameter (mm) : 255
Rated Power Input (W) : 1650
No-Load Speed (r/min) : 4600
Net Weight (kg) : 12

Electric Mitre Saw 1650W Brand- DCA Model: AJX255 great deal with Best price in Bangladesh. You can get it from Malamal.com.bd.

Experience Precision Woodworking with the DCA Mitre Saw 1650W AJX255 – Your Ultimate Solution for Accurate and Efficient Cuts Introducing the DCA Mitre Saw 1650W AJX255, a cutting-edge tool designed to redefine your woodworking projects with precision and efficiency. Crafted with precision engineering and advanced technology, this mitre saw offers unparalleled cutting performance, making it an indispensable asset for carpenters, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who values accurate and clean cuts. Precision cutting is at the heart of the DCA Mitre Saw 1650W AJX255. With its powerful 1650W motor, this saw delivers impressive cutting capabilities, allowing you to make accurate mitre and bevel cuts in various materials. Whether you're working with wood, plastic, or other materials, this mitre saw ensures clean and precise results every time. Versatility takes center stage with the DCA Mitre Saw 1650W AJX255's adaptability. Equipped with adjustable angles and bevel settings, this saw offers the flexibility to create cuts at different angles and dimensions. From intricate framing projects to fine woodworking, this mitre saw caters to a wide range of cutting needs. Efficiency and power define the DCA Mitre Saw 1650W AJX255's performance. Its robust motor ensures a smooth and consistent cutting experience, reducing the time and effort required for your woodworking tasks. The powerful cutting action not only saves you time but also enhances the quality of your finished projects. The user-friendly operation sets the DCA Mitre Saw 1650W AJX255 apart. With intuitive controls and ergonomic features, this saw simplifies the cutting process, allowing you to focus on achieving precise results. Whether you're a professional woodworker aiming for perfection or a DIY enthusiast tackling home improvement projects, this mitre saw enhances your woodworking experience. The DCA brand is synonymous with quality and innovation, and the Mitre Saw 1650W AJX255 exemplifies this legacy. With its precision cutting, adjustable angles, powerful performance, and user-friendly attributes, it stands as a top-tier solution for achieving impeccable woodworking results. In summary, the DCA Mitre Saw 1650W AJX255 redefines woodworking precision and efficiency. Whether you're crafting furniture, frames, or other wood-based projects, this mitre saw offers unmatched cutting performance in a single package. Elevate your woodworking endeavours with the DCA Mitre Saw 1650W AJX255 and experience the transformative impact of advanced cutting technology.

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