High Speed Jony Fan 60W 220V

SKU: 12926

Tk. 1,150.00

Size- 250mm

Rated Voltage- 220v

Frequency- 50hz

Power Factor- 0.90

Insulation Class- Class-E

Watts- 60w

Air Delivery- 50m3/min

Service Value- 0.83m3/mim/W

Speed(rpm)- 2500

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High Speed Jony Fan

High Speed 60W 220V Jony Fan

Experience powerful and efficient cooling with the High Speed Jony Fan. This high-quality fan is designed to deliver exceptional performance with its 60W motor and reliable 220V power supply. With its sleek design and strong airflow, it's the perfect choice for cooling and enhancing the comfort of any room in your home or office.

The High Speed Jony Fan features a powerful 60W motor that ensures fast and effective cooling. Experience refreshing air circulation that quickly disperses heat and creates a comfortable environment. Whether you need to cool down a living room, bedroom, or office space, this fan is up to the task.

Designed with convenience in mind, the High Speed Jony Fan is easy to operate. It comes with simple controls that allow you to adjust the fan's speed and settings according to your preference. With its user-friendly design, you can effortlessly create the ideal airflow for your comfort.

Safety is a top priority with the High Speed Jony Fan. It is built with high-quality materials and meets rigorous safety standards to ensure reliable and secure operation. You can trust in the fan's durability and safety features, providing a worry-free and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

The sleek design of the High Speed Jony Fan adds a touch of style to any space. Its modern and minimalistic appearance blends seamlessly with various interior styles. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional decor, this fan complements your aesthetic while delivering powerful cooling performance.

The High Speed Jony Fan is designed for versatility and convenience. With its compact size, it can be easily moved and placed in different rooms or areas as needed. Enjoy the flexibility of having a portable cooling solution that can be used wherever and whenever you desire.

Choose the High Speed Jony Fan for its exceptional cooling performance and reliability. With its powerful motor, user-friendly controls, and stylish design, this fan is a valuable addition to any home or office. Stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months with this high-speed fan.

Invest in the High Speed Jony Fan and enjoy the benefits of efficient and powerful cooling. With its strong airflow, convenient operation, and reliable performance, this fan is a reliable solution for beating the heat. Experience the comfort and convenience of this high-speed fan in your space.

Upgrade your cooling experience with the High Speed Jony Fan and enjoy a refreshing and comfortable environment. With its powerful motor, sleek design, and reliable performance, this fan is a valuable asset for your home or office. Stay cool and relaxed with the superior cooling capabilities of this high-speed fan.

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