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Phase / Frequency / Voltage : 1φ/50Hz/220-240V
Capacity: Cool / Heat : 5.30kW / 5.36kW
Total Input: Cool / Heat : 1,990-2,020W / 1,600-1,710 W
Total Amperes: Cool / Heat : 8.80-8.70A / 7.50-7.50A
EER: Cool / Heat : 9.52-8.95Btu/h.W / 11.43-10.70Btu/h.W
COP: Cool / Heat : 2.79-2.62 / 3.35-3.13
Starting Current : 49 A
Air Flow (HIHI / HI / M / L) : 17.5/ 15.3/ 12.5/ 11.0 m3/min
Dehumidifying Capacity : 2.8 L/h
Pipe Size: Liquid Line / Gas Line : 6.35mm / 12.7mm
Dimensions W x H x D    Indoor Unit : 900 x 300 x 230 mm
Outdoor Unit : 750 x 570 x 280 mm
Weight : Indoor Unit : 11kg
Outdoor Unit : 38kg

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Tropical Constant Speed Type


Model no: RAS-S18HPA (RAC-S18HPA)


DC Power System (Safe and Efficient)

Cooling Operation proved at 55℃

Nano Titanium WASABI Air Purifying Filter

Speed Cool

Intelligent Fuzzy Logic

Sleep Mode

Auto Restart

Lambda Heat Exchanger (Energy Efficient)

Green Fin Condenser

Fireproof Electrical Enclosure

Super Wide Horizontal Louver

Super Wide Discharge Outlet

Introducing the Hitachi RAS-S18HPA+RAC-S18HPA, a 1.5-ton R22 air conditioner designed to provide exceptional cooling and heating performance in the Malaysian climate. This model is perfect for small to medium-sized spaces, delivering optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

The Hitachi RAS-S18HPA+RAC-S18HPA air conditioner is equipped with R22 refrigerant, a trusted and widely used refrigerant known for its excellent heat transfer properties. It ensures efficient and reliable cooling and heating, making it ideal for the tropical climate of Malaysia.

Experience energy-efficient operation with this Hitachi air conditioner. It incorporates advanced technologies such as inverter technology and energy-efficient compressors to optimize energy consumption, helping you reduce your electricity bills without compromising on comfort.

Take control of your indoor climate with the user-friendly remote control and digital display of the Hitachi RAS-S18HPA+RAC-S18HPA air conditioner. Adjust the temperature, fan speed, and operating modes to create the perfect ambiance for your space.

The Hitachi RAS-S18HPA+RAC-S18HPA air conditioner is built to last. With high-quality components and rigorous testing, it ensures reliable and consistent cooling and heating performance. You can trust this system to provide comfort for years to come.

Installation and maintenance of the Hitachi RAS-S18HPA+RAC-S18HPA air conditioner are hassle-free. The package includes detailed instructions and a user manual to guide you through the installation process. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the filters, will help keep the system running smoothly.

With the Hitachi brand, you can rely on the quality and reliability of your air conditioning system. The RAS-S18HPA+RAC-S18HPA model is designed specifically for the Malaysian market, delivering superior cooling and heating capabilities.

Invest in the Hitachi RAS-S18HPA+RAC-S18HPA air conditioner and enjoy year-round comfort in your space. Experience efficient cooling during hot summer days and cozy warmth during chilly winter nights. Trust in the Hitachi brand to provide you with the perfect solution for your cooling and heating needs in Malaysia.

Choose the Hitachi RAS-S18HPA+RAC-S18HPA air conditioner for superior performance and energy efficiency. Stay comfortable and save on energy costs with this reliable air conditioning solution from Hitachi. Elevate your indoor environment with the Hitachi RAS-S18HPA+RAC-S18HPA air conditioner and enjoy unparalleled comfort throughout the year.

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