Nitto Kohki Japan Magnetic Drilling Machine (Electric) AO-5575A 220V

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Nitto Kohki Japan Magnetic Drilling Machine (Electric) AO-5575A 220V

Model : AO-5575A
Max. Hole Dia: 55 mm
Max Hole Depth:  75 mm
Power Source 220V AC
Rated Power 950 W
Rated Current 4.3 A
No Load Speed 520 rpm
Mass (Weight) 17.5 kg

Made in Japan.

Product Carries Official 1 Year Service Warranty from Nitto Kohki Bangladesh.

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Magnetic Drilling Machine Electric

Portable Magnetic Base Drilling Machine
New generation magnetic base drilling machines help meet productivity and safety goals.
Advanced safety systemModel : AO-5575A
Power Source (Single Phase)  : 220 – 240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Electric Drill
Rated Power Consumption : 950W
Rated Current : 4.3A
No-load Speed : 520 min-1(rpm)
Magnet Power Consumption : 50W
Hole Capacity(mm)
JETBROACH One-touch Type 25L: 12   to 17 (Plate thickness 9 to 25)
JETBROACH One-touch Type 35L: 17.5 to 40 (Plate thickness 9 to 35)
JETBROACH One-touch Type 50L: 12   to 55 (Plate thickness 9 to 50)
JETBROACH One-touch Type 75L: 17.5 to 55 (Plate thickness 9 to 75)
HI-BROACH One-touch Type 25L: 12 to 50 (Plate thickness 9 to 25)
HI-BROACH One-touch Type 50L: 12 to 50 (Plate thickness 9 to 50)
Max. Stroke (mm): 105
Magnet Holding Power : 10000N (1020kgf)
Magnet Dimensions (mm): 86 X 170
Power Cord Length (m): 3
Mass (Weight) (kg): 17.5
Overall Dimensions (mm): 432 X 197 X 493
(length)X(width)X(height)Accessories Included
Carry Case  -3 mm Hex. Socket Screw Key
Cutting Oil 0.5L-5 mm Hex. Socket Screw Key
Pilot Pin 08050   -8 X 10 mm Spanner
Side Handle -Guard

Introducing the Nitto Kohki AO-5575A, a powerful and reliable magnetic drilling machine designed to meet the needs of professionals in the metalworking industry. Manufactured by Nitto Kohki, a renowned Japanese brand known for its precision engineering and innovation, this electric magnetic drilling machine offers exceptional performance, durability, and versatility.

The Nitto Kohki AO-5575A operates on a 220V power supply, providing consistent and reliable power for drilling through various types of metal. With its robust construction and advanced features, this magnetic drilling machine delivers high accuracy and efficiency, making it ideal for applications such as steel fabrication, construction, and industrial maintenance.

Equipped with a strong electromagnetic base, the AO-5575A securely attaches to metal surfaces, providing stability and precision during drilling operations. This ensures that the drill bit stays in place, even when drilling through thick materials or in challenging positions, resulting in accurate and clean holes every time.

Featuring a powerful electric motor, the Nitto Kohki AO-5575A delivers ample torque for drilling through tough materials. The motor's high-performance capabilities allow for efficient and fast drilling, saving you time and effort on your projects.

The AO-5575A is designed with user convenience in mind. It features an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip, reducing operator fatigue during extended use. The machine's compact and lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability, making it suitable for both on-site and workshop applications.

Safety is a top priority with the Nitto Kohki AO-5575A. It is equipped with a safety switch that prevents accidental start-ups, ensuring operator safety during operation. Additionally, the machine has overload protection to safeguard against excessive strain, extending the lifespan of the tool.

The Nitto Kohki AO-5575A magnetic drilling machine offers versatility in drilling applications. It is compatible with a wide range of drill bits, allowing you to choose the appropriate size and type for your specific drilling needs. This flexibility makes it a valuable tool for professionals in various industries.

Investing in the Nitto Kohki AO-5575A means investing in quality and reliability. Nitto Kohki is known for its commitment to producing high-quality tools that deliver exceptional performance and durability. With its advanced features and precision engineering, the AO-5575A magnetic drilling machine is built to withstand demanding work environments and provide long-lasting service.

Experience the power and precision of the Nitto Kohki AO-5575A electric magnetic drilling machine. Whether you're working in metal fabrication, construction, or industrial maintenance, this versatile tool will meet your drilling needs with efficiency and accuracy. Trust in Nitto Kohki's reputation for excellence and take your metalworking projects to new heights.

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