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Traffic Safety Cone – China Safety Cone for Safety use Roadside Marking Cone

SKU: 14477

Tk. 920.00

Usage/Application : Road Safety
Weight : 1.68 kg
Material : Plastic
Color : Red
Shape : Cone
Height : 2 Feet

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Traffic Safety Cone China
Usage/Application: Road Safety
Weight: 1.68 kg
Material: Plastic
Color: Red
Shape: Cone

Enhance road safety and visibility with the Traffic Safety Cone – China Safety Cone. This high-quality cone is designed for safety use and is ideal for marking road work zones, construction sites, parking lots, and other areas where visibility is crucial.

Crafted with durable and weather-resistant materials, the China Safety Cone is built to withstand various outdoor conditions. It features a bright orange color that ensures maximum visibility, even in low-light situations or during inclement weather. The cone's fluorescent properties make it highly noticeable, alerting drivers and pedestrians to exercise caution and be aware of potential hazards.

With a height of [insert height], the China Safety Cone stands tall, providing a clear visual indicator to motorists and pedestrians. Its conical shape, coupled with a wide base, offers stability and prevents accidental tipping or displacement, even in windy conditions.

The Traffic Safety Cone is easy to deploy and transport, making it an ideal solution for temporary road markings. Whether you're a construction worker, event organizer, or traffic management professional, this cone is a must-have safety tool. Its lightweight design allows for effortless handling and quick setup, saving you time and effort on the job.

Designed with safety in mind, the China Safety Cone incorporates reflective bands or strips. These reflective features enhance visibility, especially during nighttime or low-visibility conditions. The reflective properties help redirect headlights and other light sources back towards the source, alerting drivers and ensuring they can see the cone from a distance.

Versatile and multifunctional, the Traffic Safety Cone has a wide range of applications. It is commonly used in road construction, traffic management, emergency response situations, parking areas, and other environments where clear delineation and safety are paramount.

Invest in the China Safety Cone and prioritize safety on the roads. Its durable construction, high visibility, and easy setup make it a reliable tool for professionals and individuals alike. Whether you need to mark off a hazard, redirect traffic, or improve overall safety, this cone is an essential addition to your safety equipment.

Ensure the safety of road users and workers with the Traffic Safety Cone – China Safety Cone. Browse our selection and choose the right size and quantity for your specific needs. Invest in quality, durability, and visibility to keep everyone safe on the roads.

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