Vacuum Cleaner & Car Washer OEM

SKU: 11896

Tk. 12,000.00

Type:Car Washer
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:C300
Material:Pure copper, Pure copper
Product name:automatic car wash equipment
Water Pump Power:1.7KW
Rated Frequency:50Hz
Usage:factory, car shop, garage, household
Function:washing,foam washing,drying,vacuuming

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Product details of 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine with Vaccum And Multiple Working Capacity CAr Washing Machine
Funtion: Washing,Foam Wahing,Dying,Dust Absorption.
C300 electric pressure washer is 1740PSI and it’s good enough for car, or even truck washes. It comes with very long power cord (32.8 ft) and water tube (26 ft), which make it easy to setup and wash from all different angles. Foam car washing, deeply clean and protect your car paint; All the needed vacuum connectors: Flat mouth, Long mouth and brush will meet all your demands for vacuuming; Also drying faster than using cloth. Auto Car Wash Machine
Safety Waterproof Switch Design. It’s very easy to wet your hands when car washing, this safety waterproof switch design put an end to the security risks caused by leakage effectively.
Strong Heart Powerful motor bring the car strong wind, ensure the efficiency of car washing rapid.
Soft nozzle The nozzle is made of silicone material, the texture is soft,

Experience Ultimate Car Care with the 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine with Vacuum Cleaner – Your All-in-One Solution for Car Detailing Perfection Introducing the 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine with Vacuum Cleaner, an innovative powerhouse designed to elevate your car cleaning routine to a whole new level. Crafted with precision engineering and versatile functionality, this machine offers a comprehensive car care solution, making it a must-have for car enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone who values a pristine vehicle. Precision performance is at the forefront of the 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine with Vacuum Cleaner. Equipped with high-pressure washing capabilities, this machine effectively blasts away dirt, grime, and stubborn residues from your vehicle's exterior surfaces. Whether you're tackling mud-caked tires or dusty windows, this machine ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Versatility takes center stage with the 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine's integrated vacuum cleaner. Say goodbye to crumbs, debris, and dirt particles inside your car's interior. With the vacuum cleaner function, you can effortlessly extract dust from carpets, upholstery, and tight spaces, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning experience for your vehicle's inside and out. Durability is a hallmark of the 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine's design. Constructed with high-quality materials, this machine is built to withstand the demands of regular car cleaning sessions. Its robust build ensures longevity and consistent performance, allowing you to rely on its versatile functionalities for years to come. User-friendly design is a standout feature of the 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine. Its intuitive controls and easy-to-use attachments streamline the car cleaning process, eliminating the need for multiple tools or complicated setups. Whether you're a car detailing professional or a DIY enthusiast, this machine simplifies your car care routine. The 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine represents the pinnacle of quality and innovation, reflecting a commitment to providing a comprehensive car cleaning solution. With its precision washing, integrated vacuum cleaner, durable construction, and user-friendly attributes, it stands as an essential tool for maintaining your vehicle's appearance and cleanliness. In summary, the 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine with Vacuum Cleaner redefines car care convenience and effectiveness. With its high-pressure washing, versatile vacuum cleaning, sturdy build, and user-friendly design, it becomes your go-to companion for achieving a spotless and well-maintained vehicle. Elevate your car care routine with the 4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine and experience the difference it brings to your car detailing endeavors.

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