Winner Welding Machine MMA-200 ARC Mosfet 220V

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Welding Machine Mosfet MMA-200
Winner Welding Machine MMA-200 ARC Mosfet 220V
Output Current Range 20-250 AMP, rated duty cycle 25%, input power 4.6KVA
Power Supply: 220V 50Hz, Applied welding rod 1.6-2.0mm
Attractive welding spots, small sparks, causing no blackening, stable welding current, even welding spots
Don’t use a machine for metal cutting

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Specifications for this item: Inverter DC ARC Welding Machine MMA-200 (220V)
Brand Name: WINNER IGBT Type
Item Weight: `5.10 kilograms
Material: Steel
Model Number: MMA 200
Includes: Welding Holder and Earthing Clamp both with 1.5mtr cable attached
Connector Type: 35-50 Big Type
Power Source Type: Corded
Size: Standard

Experience the power and precision of the Winner Welding Machine MMA-200 ARC Mosfet 220V. This high-quality welding machine is designed to provide reliable and efficient welding performance for various applications, offering convenience and professional results for welders and fabricators. The Winner Welding Machine MMA-200 ARC Mosfet 220V offers a sturdy and durable construction. Made with high-quality materials, this welding machine is built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty welding tasks. Its robust design ensures long-lasting performance, making it an essential tool for welding professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This welding machine features advanced Mosfet technology that delivers stable and smooth arc characteristics. It provides precise and consistent welding performance, allowing for accurate and high-quality welds. Whether you’re working with mild steel, stainless steel, or cast iron, this welding machine ensures excellent results. The Winner Welding Machine MMA-200 ARC Mosfet 220V is designed for ease of use. It features user-friendly controls and an intuitive interface, making it suitable for both experienced welders and beginners. The machine offers adjustable welding parameters, such as current and arc force, allowing for customization based on specific welding requirements. With its 220V power supply, the Winner Welding Machine MMA-200 ARC Mosfet ensures efficient and reliable welding. It is compatible with a wide range of electrodes, including rutile, basic, and cellulose types. The machine’s high output capacity allows for welding tasks of various thicknesses and materials. Safety is a top priority, and the Winner Welding Machine MMA-200 ARC Mosfet incorporates safety features to protect the user. It includes thermal overload protection that prevents overheating, ensuring safe and reliable operation. The machine also has a sturdy and durable housing that shields the internal components, reducing the risk of accidents. Invest in the Winner Welding Machine MMA-200 ARC Mosfet 220V and experience the benefits of a high-quality welding solution. With its durable construction, advanced technology, and user-friendly features, this welding machine is a valuable asset for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Browse our selection of welding machines today and choose the Winner Welding Machine MMA-200 ARC Mosfet 220V for precise and efficient welding. Streamline your welding projects and achieve professional results with this reliable welding machine.

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