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Drywall Sander Machine 225mm 6500W Dongcheng Model (DSF225)

SKU: 12438

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Brand : Dongcheng
Model No. : DSF225
Product Type : Drywall Sander Machine
Rated Power Input : 650W
Grinding Disc Diameter : 225 mm
Rated Speed : 800-1500 r/min
Weight: 4.7 Kg

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Dongcheng Drywall Sander DSF225
Drywall Sander Machine 225mm 6500W Dongcheng Model (DSF225)

Introducing the Drywall Sander Machine 225mm 6500W Dongcheng Model (DSF225), a powerful and efficient tool that will revolutionize your drywall sanding tasks. This electric sander is designed to provide smooth and flawless finishes on drywall surfaces, saving you time and effort compared to traditional hand sanding methods. With its high-performance motor and user-friendly features, the DSF225 drywall sander is a must-have for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The DSF225 drywall sander features a 225mm sanding pad, allowing for efficient coverage and faster sanding. Its powerful 6500W motor ensures consistent and high-speed sanding, effortlessly removing imperfections and creating a smooth surface. Whether you're sanding walls, ceilings, or other large drywall surfaces, this sander can handle it all with ease.

Dongcheng is a trusted brand known for its high-quality tools, and the DSF225 drywall sander is no exception. It is built to withstand heavy-duty use, with durable construction and precision engineering. The ergonomic design of the sander ensures comfortable handling, reducing fatigue and allowing for extended periods of use. Its lightweight design further enhances maneuverability and control during sanding tasks.

The DSF225 drywall sander is designed with user-friendly features to enhance productivity. It features variable speed control, allowing you to adjust the sanding speed based on the requirements of your project. This enables you to achieve optimal results on different surfaces and materials. The built-in dust extraction system efficiently collects dust and debris, keeping your work area clean and minimizing the need for additional cleanup.

With its extendable handle and pivoting sanding head, the DSF225 drywall sander offers excellent reach and flexibility. You can easily access hard-to-reach areas and sand corners and edges with precision. The adjustable sanding angle further enhances versatility, allowing you to adapt to different surfaces and achieve consistent results.

Safety is a top priority when working with power tools, and the DSF225 drywall sander is designed with safety features to protect the user. It features a soft start function that prevents sudden jolts and provides smooth operation. The integrated overload protection ensures the motor's longevity and prevents overheating, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Upgrade your drywall sanding experience with the Drywall Sander Machine 225mm 6500W Dongcheng Model (DSF225). Its powerful motor, variable speed control, and efficient dust extraction system make it an essential tool for achieving professional-quality finishes. Experience the precision and efficiency of Dongcheng tools and take your drywall projects to the next level.

Order the Drywall Sander Machine 225mm 6500W Dongcheng Model (DSF225) today and streamline your drywall sanding tasks. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this sander will exceed your expectations. Invest in quality and reliability with Dongcheng and achieve outstanding results in your drywall projects.

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