Petrol Chain Saw Machine 20″ 2200W Dongcheng Model (D02YD54)

SKU: 12436

Tk. 15,359.00

Brand : Dongcheng
Model No. : D02YD54
Product Type : Petrol Chain Saw Machine
Rated Power Input : 2200W
Blade Length : 20″
Displacement : 40ml
Weight: 5.1 Kg

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Dongcheng Chain Saw D02YD54
Petrol Chain Saw Machine 20″ 2200W Dongcheng Model (D02YD54)

Introducing the Petrol Chain Saw Machine 20" 2200W Dongcheng Model (D02YD54), a powerful and reliable tool for all your cutting and trimming needs. This petrol-powered chainsaw is designed to tackle tough jobs with ease, making it an essential tool for professional landscapers, arborists, and homeowners. With its high-performance engine and user-friendly features, the D02YD54 chainsaw delivers exceptional cutting performance and durability.

The D02YD54 chainsaw is equipped with a 20-inch cutting bar, allowing you to handle large logs and branches with precision and efficiency. The 2200W petrol engine provides ample power to effortlessly cut through even the toughest wood. Whether you're pruning trees, cutting firewood, or clearing overgrown areas, this chainsaw is up to the task.

Dongcheng is a trusted brand known for its high-quality power tools, and the D02YD54 chainsaw is no exception. It is built to withstand demanding use, with durable construction and reliable components. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, reducing fatigue and allowing for extended periods of use. The chainsaw's lightweight construction further enhances maneuverability and control during cutting operations.

The D02YD54 chainsaw features user-friendly features to enhance productivity and ease of use. It has a convenient starting system that ensures quick and hassle-free starts, saving you time and effort. The chain tensioning system allows for easy adjustments, ensuring optimal cutting performance and extending the life of the chain. Additionally, the built-in chain brake provides added safety by quickly stopping the chain in case of kickback or other emergencies.

With its advanced air filtration system, the D02YD54 chainsaw keeps the engine clean and protected from debris, ensuring optimal performance and durability. The automatic oiling system lubricates the chain for smooth operation and reduced wear. The transparent fuel tank allows for easy monitoring of fuel levels, preventing unexpected interruptions during work.

Safety is paramount when working with chainsaws, and the D02YD54 is designed with safety features to protect the user. It has a reliable chain brake that stops the chain in a fraction of a second to prevent accidents. The anti-vibration system reduces operator fatigue and ensures comfortable operation. Additionally, the comfortable grip and ergonomic design provide excellent control and stability during cutting tasks.

Experience the power and reliability of the Petrol Chain Saw Machine 20" 2200W Dongcheng Model (D02YD54). Whether you're a professional landscaper or a homeowner looking to maintain your property, this chainsaw delivers exceptional performance and durability. Invest in quality and performance with Dongcheng and tackle your cutting tasks with confidence.

Order the Petrol Chain Saw Machine 20" 2200W Dongcheng Model (D02YD54) today and unleash the cutting power you need for your projects. Experience the reliability and performance of Dongcheng tools and achieve outstanding results in your cutting and trimming tasks.

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